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Interview Tips & Techniques

So you have written an impressive CV / Application form and managed to land yourself a Job Interview. Congratulations! Although, the hard work should not stop there. No matter how many interviews you have had in the past, job interviews never get easier and you shouldn’t treat them that way. You are required to sell yourself and your skills whilst being put under pressure to expose your short comings.

To help you improve your chances of job interview success, we have put together a few pointers for your considerations:

  • Practice – Write a list of commonly asked job interview questions and practice your responses to them. Where possible, put together examples which prove your ability and skills. This has the potential to really make you stand out as somebody who knows their field and knows what they are doing. Examples of commonly asked questions – Why would you like to work for us here at…?, What were your responsibilities?, What major challenges and problems did you face?, How did you handle them?, What is your greatest strength?, What is your greatest weakness? etc. It is also wise to consider writing a list of questions to ask the interviewer, this will prove you have an interest in the company.
  • Research – Before the interview you should always read as much information as you can about the company you wish to work for. Most businesses will have established websites where you can read up more about the company history and the products / services they offer. During the interview you can use this information to your advantage by relating this information when responding to their questions. If possible, always know the name of the person interviewing you before hand. Memorise it carefully and use it during the interview.
  • Prepare – Always dress your best for any job interview, taking consideration to dress appropriately for the type of employer your interview is with. Make sure your clothing is clean, tidy and as smart as possible. It is also wise to prepare a portfolio of your work (if applicable), this way you can strengthen your question responses by giving written or proven examples. Take a copy of your CV with you, they will more than likely have a copy on record by this point but it wouldn’t hurt to take one just in case.
  • Be Punctual – Do NOT be late for your interview, make sure you are at least five to ten minutes early for your interview. To avoid the chances of being a victim of bad traffic or late public transport you may even wish to consider travelling ahead of time. This gives you the opportunity to find out exactly where you need to be, reducing the chances of you being late.
  • Be Composed – When being interviewed try to compose your responses carefully, don’t rush an answer without considering it first. You may end up appearing agitated and flustered. Think your response through carefully, but be mindful not to take too long as you don’t want to create an extended awkward silence.
    Be mindful of the question at hand, if you spend your time considering how you could have answered the previous question differently then you may embarrass yourself by having to ask the interviewer to repeat the question.
  • Prove what you know – Look at the requirements of the job position and relate to your interviewer examples of how you meet their candidate expectations. It may be through discussing your previous career accomplishments or even personal accomplishments, so long as they are relevant.
  • Thank you – Within 24 hours of your interview it is wise to send your interviewer/s a quick thank you message via email (if possible).

Careers advice: Interview tips & techniques – Jobs, Employment, Vacancies, Temporary workers, temp, staff, Llanelli, Swansea, Cardiff, Cross hands, Carmarthen, South Wales, UK Jobs

>Careers advice: Interview tips & techniques – Jobs, Employment, Vacancies, Temporary workers, temp, staff, Llanelli, Swansea, Cardiff, Cross hands, Carmarthen, South Wales, UK Jobs